Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Passion?

The Price of Passion

Can Passion Ever Bite You in the Ass?

  1. Is the intention of your passion to inspire? If so, are you good with accepting that it may not?
  2. Is your passion trying to force other people to change how they do things? Is it making you a pain in the ass to collaborate with?
  3. Are you willing to gently educate people on your passion, or do you expect them to just ‘get it’?
  4. Is your passion inextricably tied to your ego? Do you get deeply hurt (and react badly) when people reject it — or can you shrug it off?
  5. Is your passion authentic to your purpose or is it just spewing your energy all over the place? Are you able to focus it?
  6. Does your passion make you feel superior to or more entitled than others who seem passionless to you? Or do you have compassion for their struggles or journey? And are you willing to stay open to learning?
  7. Are you aware when your passion conflicts with someone else’s? Do you know how to manage and create shared energy for the greater good?
  8. Are you aware of when and if your passion is clouding your judgment? Do you have the humility to stop or revisit situations should it happen?
  9. When life gets rough, are you able to hold onto your passion and purpose or do situations or environments have the power to zap it? Can you take your passion with you wherever you go?
  10. Does your passion make you HAPPY or is it a source of stress and anxiety? Are you pissed off at the world for not living up to your ardent expectations?



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Leslie Ehm

Leslie Ehm

Leslie Ehm is a Swagger coach, author & speaker. Her book SWAGGER: Unleash Everything You Are and Become Everything You Want arrives May 2021.